There are many e-commerce sites for web development and designing for new techniques, technologies, and user behaviors drive ecommerce website and application design every year. In 2018, expect ecommerce sites to employ the CSS Grid Layout, use mobile-friendly full-screen modal windows, offer a lot more video, and include microinteractions and guided selling.

1. css grid layouts

CSS Grid Layout is a two-dimension layout model and part of the CSS standard from the World Wide Web Consortium.

It gives designers significantly more control over how a web page is laid out and helps make much better use of space across devices and screen sizes. Put another way, CSS Grid Layout makes optimizing user interfaces relatively easy when compared to other methods.

2. Full-screen Search, Forms

In web design, a modal, modal box, or modal window is an element, typically controlled with a script, that is overlaid on top of other elements (content) to permit user interaction.

Modals have been an effective user interface for several years and are common on many ecommerce websites. What may change for 2018 is the use of full-screen modals for search and forms.

3. Much More Video

Video is an excellent medium for conveying complex information, telling stories, and evoking emotion. The amount of videos distributed on the web and watched by Internet users rises every day. So it should not be a surprise that online retailers are also using more video elements in web design.

4. More Microinteractions

Microinteractions have been around at least since Facebook added the “Like” button to its posts. What started as a way to rate social media contributions has grown into one of the most popular website and application trends for 2018.

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