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Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Development


TechManyata has implemented enterprise applications across a variety of networks such as intranet, internet and corporate network with desired security and admin management. We have a specialized application development team to help clients with mobile based enterprise application development. We, at TechManyata, help our clients in structuring enterprise applications and making them easily manageable. Our developers are capable of resolving all your IT infrastructure related problems including multiple devices & platforms, complex security, large data sources and several others.

We are also able to move all your applications to cloud to make it available anytime, anywhere. Apart from this, TechManyata provides hybrid solutions where cloud applications are integrated with native applications. We have been designing, developing and deploying a variety of enterprise apps including content management system, customer relationship management, business intelligence system, HR management system, payment processing system, automated billing system, etc.

We improve the operations of an enterprise and allow its employees access the application platform from any location. Rapidsoft Technologies is able to power organizations running all their business through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.


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