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Go Green


Dear Citizens Our Earth is going out with excessive temperature !!!
Have you taken a moment at least think the reason for it ?
Have you ever thought that we have to conserve our Earth for our succeeding generations ?
The first step of saving our Earth is to have our attention towards Grow Green – Save Green.

Citizens at least now we have to take serious attention towards saving our Earth.

Hope you will join with us for Grow Green – Save Green Programme.

Day by Day Greenery is reducing because of increased pollution. We Human-Beings are the major reason for it. So each and every one of us should participate in regaining our Planet's lush greenery.

Here is our small piece of article for our society.


Let us initiate our goal with saving paper. You all know paper have become a part of our day-to-day life. If not completely, at least we can reduce the usage of the paper to some extend, which in turn leads reduction of wood source that was used for manufacturing paper.It is highly necessary to contribute ourselves in saving paper. Not only reducing the usage of paper means, but also we should promote ourselves in enhancing growth of greenery.How many of us remember the concept of Vanamahotsava- A festival of Green? We should have our own social responsibilities towards planting trees and also saving present trees. Our government are cutting down most of the trees for commercial purpose, why don't we stop it. Now a days in most of the places we see a note mentioned to use technology instead of paper copies.

For example Banks have taken lot of measures in reducing the usage of paper prints at the same time increasing the technology instead of it. But still we prefer paper means.

  • Why don't we try to cope up with technology by accessing your banking system through online means?
  • Why don't you demand for SMS bills instead of paper bills when you purchase something?
  • How about we getting digitalized for sharing documents?
  • With all these thoughts we also should look into using Eco –friendly things and technology.
  • Green is the property that we are offering to our next generations.


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