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What is an iBeacon?

A wireless device broadcast signals to nearby tablets and smartphones. Mobile applications can receive this signal and activate a location-based action. It makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy to transmit the signal.

Powered by Apple, iBeacon offers an advanced way of exploring locations and endless opportunities of interaction between iOS powered devices and iBeacon enabled hardware. Its Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functionality determines the nearby locations of iOS devices. With iBeacon, users are blessed to avail the superior level of personalized experience while establishing a connection with nearby iOS devices.

iBeacon apps are the perfect solution for one-to-one user interaction. Solution Analysts provides iBeacon app development for small, medium and large enterprises. We have already developed more than 13 iBeacon applications for various enterprises, and feature among the leading iBeacon App Development Company. We provide personalized iBeacon Solutions for Enterprises across the globe.

Why Choose TechManyata for iBeacon App Development??

TechManyata, an iBeacon app Development Companyenlists the latest technology to provide the right solutions for your iBeacon app. They use their knowledge and understanding in a view to helping you unlock the power, that iBeacon provides using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
By using the required expertise and skills, we provide iBeacon app development solutions that are leading in the market. We use indoor positioning application; therefore, we deliver more than content and include the closeness of objects in the physical world. Our business thrives when we help our client to succeed. Our clients can use the iBeacon apps to engage their potential clients at a new level.

Apple Inc., introduced iBeacon in order to explore locations and create unlimited opportunities to interact between iBeacon hardware and iOS devices. The hardware enabled with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) determines the proximity and locations of the nearby iOS device. It gives a personalized user experience in connecting with the nearby iOS devices. Thus, iBeacon app forms the perfect solution for the enterprises as they could use it for one-to-one interaction with their customers in boosting their products. Techmanyata believes in building long-term customer relationship and provide post launch upgrade, support, and maintenance services. We transform the mode of communication indoors for retailers, event organizers, transit systems, enterprises, educational systems, and other sectors. Henceforth, the opportunities with iBeacon Application Development Services, the real-time targeting technology remains endless with Techmanyata. We, at Techmanyata, offer enterprise-grade iBeacon app development services for small, medium and large companies across the globe. We help you to deliver personalized in-store shopping experience with contextual and meaningful advertisement notifications received through iBeacon app. With extensive knowledge about this BLE powered technology and futuristic mindset, we deliver scalable and custom iBeacon application development services at competitive pricing.


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