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Offshore software development

Offshore software development


Offshore software development in India has evolved as software developers move up the value chain to offer custom software development. India emerged as a software service exporter in the late 1980s and early 1990s with the country's transition from centralized planning to a market-oriented economy. Today Indian companies have the lion's share in the global outsourcing market and compete with leading multinational suppliers across the IT solutions spectrum.

Initially there were only certain parts of the software development process that companies were comfortable outsourcing. Paul Davies, the author of What's This India Business, writes about the software development outsourcing evolution. One could roughly divide the development process into various stages of analysis of a need, creation of a requirements definition, relating this definition to a software specification, designing the software, writing and coding, and then implementing and testing it.

TechManyata offers you a top offshore outsourcing advantage that your competitors would love: a Business Management led approach to software outsourcing. Such organizations use Information Technology to compete, but focus their time and people on invaluable strengths that they alone have. They are unparalleled in their chosen fields and use ISHIR for offshore development that even an IT major would admire.


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