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Project management software

Project management software


Manage distributed project teams online – Create project, tasks, sub-tasks, schedule tasks, assign tasks & sub-tasks to manager and employees, set dependencies, track progress, due date reminders and notifications by email and sms, generate reports, automatic invoice generation.

To easily and effectively manage multiple projects and globally dispersed teams, through a centralized online project management console.

No matter where you or your teams are located, you just need good internet connection and you can start managing and collaborating on projects. There are no hardware & software constraints, no software to download, no installations, no need to worry about data loss. Just sign up online and get going!


  • Universal Access. You and your team can manage tasks from any internet enabled computer.
  • Centralized Project Management. Handle all aspects of managing multiple projects from a central online location.
  • Integrated Collaboration Tools. Unlike other tools, you get a whole lot of integrated tools like document collaboration, workspaces, calendars, and email to synergize with project management.
  • Create Tasks. Automate the project management process by creating unlimited projects, tasks and subtasks with name, description, status, dates etc.
  • Manage Responsibilities & Permissions. Assigning responsibilities to employees for projects, tasks or subtasks with completion date. Easily manage viewing and modification for projects, tasks and subtasks for each teammate.
  • Task Dependencies. Create elaborate precedence relationships between tasks in a project to reflect sophisticated real life projects.
  • To Do Lists. 'To do' lists allow every team member to manage themselves with an easy view of which task has been assigned to him, they have completed or yet 'to do'. Various Project status can be maintained like – info awaited, in progress, pending/hold, completed.
  • Automatic Notifications. Automatically notify all involved parties of important events - a deadline is met, a task finished or a task assigned to somebody by email and sms.


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