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NopCommerce Development

NopCommerce Development

What is nopCommerce??

NopCommerce is a Best example of an Open-Source Product. It is the leading ASP.NET based open source It is transparent and open for input from developers from all the over the world.  NopCommerce can be easily modified and it take less time to do it compare to other competitive cart solutions because of its well defined and predictable architecture. NopCommerce is easy to extend because of ready-to-use data layer utilizing the newest Entity Framework.

Our Expert team have been working together since from so many years in order to create and maintain world class business solution to customers from all around the world. NopCommerce now is one of the most secure, stable and extendable ecommerce platforms.  And in this Nop commerce Development having lot of additional functionalities that you can find in our marketplace. And this NopCommerce can be up and running in a few minutes. Just download the software and follow the simple installation instructions.  We have put a lot of efforts ensuring that NopCommerce is optimized for search engine standards. TechManyata is a perfect place to find help in anything related to NopCommerce.  we are Parellely  we providing premium support services we offer services like custom extension development, NopCommerce customization, upgrading the existing webstore or developing a new one from scratch.

At TechManyata, we are always open to explore new, feature-rich technologies. An example of the same is our offshore nopCommerce development service at TechManyata. nopCommerce is a new addition to the list of Ecommerce solutions . It is built on Microsoft's ASP.Net & MS SQL Server, and offers a range of comprehensive solutions. Hence, your open source Ecommerce store contains a catalog frontend and an administrative tool backend to offer a holistic Ecommerce solution. This technology has recently grown in popularity because of the fully customizable shopping cart it offers. This shopping cart is known to be highly stable and easy to use. Also, nopCommerce offers complete flexibility. This ensures that the technology is preferred by both small and medium sized business enterprises.

Features & Functions of nopCommerce

nopCommerce is known to be an extremely feature-rich platform. There are several features that can help make your online store stand out. Here's a list of some of its popular features & functions:

Marketing: One reason why businesses opt for nopCommerce development is because of the myriad marketing functions that it presents. It is easy to receive customer feedback & reviews. Moreover, coupons can be created and it is also simple to create wish list to entice your shoppers to come back to the online store.

Inventory Monitoring: For an online store, securely managing their inventory is a key priority. nopCommerce opens up avenues for smooth inventory monitoring.

CRM: nopCommerce integrated CRM feature makes it possible for businesses to add, edit, and/or remove products from their Ecommerce store.

Social Integration: This all-new Ecommerce platform offers shopping tools for social networking websites. In today's world, having strong social media engagement is imperative and nopCommerce helps you have just that.

Reporting System: Strengthen your analytics & management with nopCommerce's strong reporting systems.

Flexible Product Configuration: You have the ability to opt for flexible product configuration. This helps you keep your online store updated by giving you the ability to product variables, customizable attributes, cross-selling capabilities, check-out alternatives, multiple images, etc.

Multi-Vendor: If you don't wish to get into the hassle of keeping inventory for all the products listed on your Ecommerce website, you can have multiple vendors in a common product catalog on your store. Each vendor receives admin panel access to manage their respective products.

M-Commerce: Finally, nopCommerce allows for the creation of a mobile version of your online store with the click of a button.


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